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Art song for treble voice and piano

Lea composed and wrote the text for Gone throughout the winter of 2021, mostly sitting in the sunroom of her apartment in the latter half of the pandemic. Later premiered by Lea and pianist Erin Henke in Cambridge, the piece explores the feeling of discovering that something you had always hoped for is gone forever.

Do you have a simple melodic idea that you want to see expanded into a full and multi-textured piece? Or, do you need an orchestral score simplified or reduced for a small or less advanced group? Do you have a certain text that you want to hear set to music or a certain event that you want something composed for? Lea can do all of those things and many more! From beginner to professional, solo voice to full orchestra and choir, in many genres and countless instruments or voice types Lea can create something catered to your exact musical needs. 

Hear more of Lea's original music on her youtube channel!

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