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        The truth of singing is that it involves a vulnerable and unseen portion of the body while simultaneously demanding that each singer take part in the universal tradition of music making. This truth is precisely what makes singing so invigorating, electric, and irresistible: each singer’s instrument is singularly and completely unique. Through an understanding of technique and knowledge of the anatomy of the voice, students can begin to appreciate their own individual skills and enjoy the distinct abilities of their own instrument.


        My largest goal is to help a student understand the sensations they are feeling and build a vocabulary around vocal technique. I believe the key to creating a successful and self-sustaining singer is to allow each student to define their own technical language. I certainly help to shape, guide, and answer questions but the ultimate agency must come from the singer themselves. Furthermore, as we define technique and apply it to repertoire in lessons, I am teaching musicianship, rhythm, pitch control, dynamics, and diction – making each singer a full and well-rounded musician.

Warm-up with Lea

Good vocal health, strength, and endurance depend on an excellent warm-up for your voice. Follow along as classically-trained soprano Lea Peterson guides you through her professional, but simple, warm-up, as useful for speakers as it is for singers.

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